Tim Ortiz

James Ortiz

Paper and Presentation: Building a world class team from vision to revision

Abstract: An organization’s success depends on the one resource that is a fully functioning response and in an anticipatory state of readiness, its people. The team that must be formed, and able to work together and advance the levels of talent and expertise requires leadership which knows what a world class team looks like, sounds like, how they communicate and most of all know why they are the team.

Team building is an essential practice for the program manager, requiring a strategic adaptation not only at the beginning of the project, but continuously re-evaluating, exemplifying the best of the team, cultivating the potential and managing the team dynamic.
The practice has essential elements, starting with vision. Too little value is placed on vision by teams and this presentation will make the point of vision as a more tangible and self guiding focus for the team.

A second team building element is the built in overhead of team effort to efficiently perform but to also prepare themselves and rely on the program investment in the team to extend their talent as outreach and demonstration.

A third element among more that will be covered in this presentation is the team makeup, considering both talent and personality. The techniques for position announcement, interviews, expectations, evaluations and feedback, and team structure will be discussed as leadership tasks towards building the world class team.
You are invited to examine your leadership role as a team builder and the practices to make yourself the most effective enabler for your program’s success.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership

Biography: Tim Ortiz is an experienced Program Manager with over fifteen years leading NASA programs in Earth Science Climate Research satellite data archive enterprise. Tim has been responsible for building and leading teams that NASA officials have described as World Class. Tim currently works for SAIC as a Program Manager Director supporting the company’s Defense and Space Group. Tim previously worked for Raytheon Company and supported NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Tim has over 35 years experience in the aerospace industry supporting the Department of Defense, NASA, Department of Labor, and international civil agencies. Tim has successfully achieved earning award fees successively in the 99% to 100% range for excellent ratings by NASA for the past twelve years. Tim has built the teams necessary to achieve a vision by the customer and adapt to the technology changes not only to adapt but to lead the way. Tim has developed his talent to identify talent and to make the successes about his teams. Tim has Bachelors of Computer Science from the University of Maryland Global College and is working on his Masters of Data Analytics from the University of Maryland Global College. Tim is SAFe certified in Program Management, a member of Toastmasters International, a member of the Society of Hispanic Engineers, and is a mentor to college students and professionals. Tim is also one of NASA’s Solar System Ambassadors promoting NASA exploration awareness of the solar system. Tim enjoys grilling, jewelry making, auto mechanics, kite building, carpentry, chess coach and spending time with his family.