Product Strategy: Framework & Execution – Rathod

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Product Management is an organizational function at the interface of User, Business and Tech. It brings an outside-in view to help organizations focus on what they should create and why.

In addition to creating a fundamental shift in how organizations function, it can provide an incredible framework for implementing enterprise strategy by leveraging the OKR (Objectives & Key Resources) framework.

The Product Management discipline delivers on the OKR framework by focusing on outputs and outcomes. The data driven decision making framework guides decision making early and often. The KPI framework aligns with the OKRs and ensures built-in accountability to maximize value creation throughout the Product Life Cycle. 

When deployed at scale, the Product Strategy framework converts the enterprise into a value-creating powerhouse through incredible focus and multi-tiered, continuous alignment throughout the organization. 

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Project Management and the Rollercoaster Ride – My Story – Bunch

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In 2018, I was asked to serve as project manager for the development of a new office within my federal government agency. Creating a new office is inherently challenging but in addition to being newly created, this office became part of an agency-wide reorganization effort. This new office transferred from one part of the agency to another multiple times to strategically align with the mission of the agency. Even though this newly created office maintained its core goals throughout these relocations, project management style, technique, and approaches continuously changed to fit the expectations, established processes, and culture ingrained wherever the office found itself.

After the new office was placed in its final organizational location, it began to grow as it obtained additional resources and sought and was assigned additional projects. In just two years (2018 to 2020), project management went from complex (establishing a new office) and politically driven to increased complexity (overseeing multiple projects) and restructured in order to adapt to new expectations.

The purpose of this talk is to examine this rollercoaster project management ride from 2018 to 2020. Topics that will be discussed are

  • How to smoothly transition to one project management approach to another in the midst of change
  • Office culture norms and project management
  • What to do when project management is not enough

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