2021 Symposium Speakers Featured in PM Point of View Podcasts

Many of our 2021 Project Management Symposium speakers will be featured in PM Point of View podcasts, an audio podcast that looks at project management from all the angles.

The first podcast, PM Point Of View Podcast #88: Avoiding Failure from the 2021 UMD Symposium, was released in July 2021 and focuses on project success vs. failure. Host Kendall Lott, president and CEO of M Powered Strategies, delves into this topic with two presentations from the 2021 Symposium: “Managing in a Time of Crisis” by Nikola Ivanov and “Why Good Execution is Not Enough” by Justin Jacobsen and Chris McLuckie.

The statistics around project success vs. failure are less than heartening, to say the least. For all the tools and expertise project managers bring to the table, somehow we manage to miss the mark more often than we should. This podcast highlights some of the important pieces from these two presentations plus features plus interviews with the presenters who offer actionable insights into how you can manage crisis and avoid failure, no matter what field you are working in.   The two presentations look at the topics from different perspectives, one from a science/engineering angle and the other from construction.

More presentations from the 2021 Symposium will be highlighted later this year.  Information about the podcasts will be posted here so be sure to check back.