A Cultured Look at Project Management – Ivanov

9:15 am -9:50 am

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Breakout Room 1


Many things must come together to make a project succeed. Project Managers take on the burden of maximizing the likelihood of each component of the project succeeding on its own and in concert with others to achieve overall success. The reality is imperfect, however, and many times things fail along the way. A good Project Manager is prepared to make the necessary adjustments for the project to succeed despite those failures. But even the best Project Manager may not be able to compensate for one underlying factor that is likely to destroy any chance of sustainable success across projects and time: organizational culture.

Effective organizational culture is the cornerstone of a successful organization that delivers consistent results. Good organizational culture can compensate for deficiencies in other aspects of the project, but bad organizational culture is sure to sink even best planned project and most savvy Project Manager.

This session will explore components of an effective organizational culture and Project Manager’s role in development of that culture, and provide real-world examples of challenges, failures, successes, and lessons learned from building a culture of sustainable success.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)


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