Cloud Based Strategies for Data Management and Business Innovation In projects – Fonseca

11:15 am -11:50 am

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Breakout Room 4


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Abstract: With more projects executed with remote cross-functional teams, managing data and communications can be quite challenging. During project planning and execution, sensitive data and intellectual property is handled over mobile devices and cloud connection. It is our responsibility as project leaders or team members to manage data and communications in a structured fashion to ensure process transparency, data integrity and security. As part of the planning process, data governance standards and best practices must be included as part of communication standards and project repository configuration to protect project history. During this presentation, we will discuss data governance concepts data management throughout project phases and security considerations to ensue data and artifacts integrity, confidentiality and availability, as established by security management key criteria. We will explore the data lifecycle, from data collection in project initiation, to project closure activities, where some data may be discarded and some saved for future reference and transferred to operations. All these activities must be done in a systematic and documented manner

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management


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