Demonstrating Product Success in an Agile Project Environment – Hostetter

3:00 pm -3:35 pm

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Breakout Room 4

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Demonstrating Product Success in an Agile Project Environment


Have you ever struggled with demonstrating and communicating product success to your Agile project stakeholders? If yes, then let me show you how to better connect with your stakeholders through the development and use of performance measures.

As project managers, we need to demonstrate to our stakeholders how well our agile projects are doing and there are some good project measures currently in place, such as burndown and agile velocity, to describe how the agile project is doing. What is not so accessible, are the measures that demonstrate how well your project is producing a product that meets customer requirements and expectations.

Within an agile environment, projects are developing new and innovative products and these products need measures as unique as they are. To do this, a project manager will need a process to help them to identify and develop these meaningful and unique measures. This paper and presentation can help you in this process by showing how to:

  • Transform your project’s customer requirements and success criteria into meaningful, quantitative, product performance measures
  • Invoke meaningful discussions to analyze your projects incremental achievements for measure potential
  • Identify data sources with the potential to show that you are producing the product your customer wants
  • Find and utilize partners for producing important measures of product performance

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