Powering Up Your Leadership Skills – Davis

9:15 am -9:50 am

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Breakout Room 1


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Note about recording:  The recording does not start at the beginning of the session.  We had a technical glitch so the recording starts about 10-15 minutes into the presentation.

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Abstract: Find out what soft skills are in demand, why they are in demand, and how to power up your leadership skills. Make the commitment to spend some quality time with yourself to become, or continue becoming, a great leader.  Great leaders create great cultures, which yields great work.

For a long time, soft skills ran a distant second to the hard, technical skills at time of hire and even promotion to managerial roles.  That is changing fast.  Soft skills are now of equal importance in employment decisions.  Soft skills are predicted to surpass technical skills in importance early in this decade.  In fact, soft skills are becoming so important in organizations that they are being rebranded as “Power Skills”.  It’s no wonder.  Power skills provide protection against your role being automated through AI. Power skills support the delivery of technical expertise on teams; without them, the best technical people can’t contribute effectively.  Power skills are central to effective leadership.  And, because they are difficult to train in the work environment, employers want people who already have them.

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