Project Management in the Danger Zone

10:20 am -10:50 am

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Juan Ramon Jimenez #2208

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Project Management in the Danger Zone


Disaster can strike anywhere and at any time, these calamities can sometimes be predicted and prepared for due to the time of year or a change in atmosphere, yet mother nature with her majesty and mastery, has been and will be able to surprise the greatest minds when they least expect it. It is at the time when disaster strikes that people look directly or indirectly for guidance and support. It is at that time that the project manager and their team come to the fore and are at their best.
To place this importance into perspective and to give a general view of the scale of the situation that we are now addressing, a quick overview previous years paints a dark picture of what is happening and what continues to harm the environment and the population of the world. With a count of over 100 earthquakes covering the globe, with a measurement of greater than 6.0 on the Richter scale, endless hurricanes and many severe hurricanes with immeasurable damage and with flooding, disease and hunger rife throughout the world, the biggest question has to be what can we do to protect and prepare ourselves.

Nothing is beyond human capability nor should it be beyond any future role for project management in relief, emergency management or disaster zones. This presentation will investigate the current approaches being developed by Mark and his team in the Middle East towards prevention and preparation as well as managing and then recovering post disaster.

An approach that is scalable and adaptable to any region and any environment or disaster, this presentation will leave you with a clearer picture of what is possible for all our protective futures.

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