Resolve: Leading your team through the tensions to project success – Bauer

11:00 am -11:35 am

Friday, May 6, 2022

Breakout Room 1


How do you navigate your team through the tensions that are both inherent in projects, and those that can arise whenever a group of people work together to accomplish goals?

This workshop provides support to project managers to recognize, anticipate, courageously engage, and effectively lead teams through conflict to success. By using practical strategies and techniques, project managers can analyze and plan the best course of action to proactively lead their team through choppy waters to the solid landing of project success. These techniques help to lower the stress level and to strengthen relationships within the team. At its core, teams are made of individuals who want to contribute to the project’s success by using their talents and expertise. When project managers utilize facilitation and conflict resolution techniques to engage members and to ensure each member is heard, the outcomes are successful deliverables strongly supported by a unified team.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)


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