Strategic Portfolio Management – utilization with Federal Agencies – Driessnack

11:00 am -11:35 am

Friday, May 6, 2022

Breakout Room 2


Portfolio Management has evolved past prioritization to being a key strategic driver. In this talk, John Driessnack, a Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) who has worked inside and/or lead over a dozen Federal Programs will discuss how the key performance domain within the ANSI PMI Standard for Portfolio Management is the Capacity and Capability Management. He will discuss his work with the Section 809 Panel, which published a section on how Department of Defense could utilize Portfolio Management. How organizations, such as Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) utilized Portfolio Management as a key drive within their strategic plan to drive value.

John will bring in a little economics with how STRUTURE impacts CONDUCT, which influences PERFORMANCE (SCP) to highlight how key to portfolio management success is to change structure to tomorrows vision vis today operations. He will outline his multiple system, multiple phase, multiple organizational layer with multiple decisions structure to help guide the change in structure to were you want to be, not were you are. He will touch on his three prior PMI white papers focused on how PMI standards frameworks can help improved federal government capital investment outcomes.

Participants will gain a clear understanding on how portfolio management is evolving beyond prioritization with an understanding of frameworks that can be use with the ANSI PMI Portfolio Standard to enhance organizations abilities to reach future strategic goals. His four step simple process will summaries his talk and provide a clear takeaway for utilization in any organizations expanded use of Portfolio Management.

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management (Business Acumen)


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