Transforming the Organization in Project Management to Deliver Value – Leydon

11:00 am -11:35 am

Friday, May 6, 2022

Breakout Room 4


Transforming the organization to manage projects and deliver value through a hybrid Lean/Agile/DevOps framework is recognition that there may be no one size fits all methodology for for your organization. There must be a strategic view of the what the organization wants to achieve that outlines the requirements for the framework that will be adopted. One of the key factors is how the organization delivers value to its customers. Value creation can also be viewed in terms of the internal customers or stakeholders as well in delivering results related to the organizations strategic goals. An Agile transformation to establishing business agility can help in structuring the portfolio management at the strategic level. There must also be a layer between the executive leadership or key stakeholders and the execution teams at the working level. This is where Agile and DevOps can work together in a hybrid approach that can be tailored under some level of governance for a variety of applications. This creates a balance between structure or rigor and flexibility. All these components of the framework must operate in the most efficient manner which is where the best practices of lean can be added to the mix. This mixing and combining of elements of various methodologies and principles creates a hybrid framework that can be aligned with the project management approach to ensure all the pieces are working together harmoniously.
Some Key Concepts:

  • Understanding the Strategic Goals of the Organization
  • Applying Agile for Business Agility
  • Connecting Strategic Goals to Execution
  • Balancing the priorities and resource constraints of Development and Operations
  • Applying Lean Best Practices to Drive Continuous Improvement
  • Developing a Project Management Approach for a Hybrid Framework to Promote Predictability and Ability to Consistently Deliver on Committed Results

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