Avinash Tripathi

Presentation: Business Agility – Let’s create a learning organization

Abstract: Agility is not about how fast one can move. Rather, it is often a measure of one’s responsiveness for a change with a minimal adverse effect. In today’s complex world, a thriving organization must evolve to stay relevant and outlast its predators (aka competitors).

As such, performance and scalability go hand in hand to foster growth in most organizations. We explore the value of strategy execution to build an adaptive DNA in an organization. For a successful transformation, an organization needs to rely on few question to define its strategy and its execution.

Explore with us, Strategic Execution Framework, developed by the Stanford Advanced Project Management program. The Strategic Execution Framework is a reflection tool for organizations which seek to examine all the elements within that organization to establish whether projects and programmes are aligned with the organization’s overall strategy and goals, to ensure that critical initiatives achieve their intended results.

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management

Biography: Avinash Tripathi (Nash) is passionate about what he does and firmly believe “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go farther go together”. Nash is a trainer by profession, a facilitator at heart and a coach by instinct. Nash has worked with several fortune 100 organizations to help them through the change curve and enhance their perspective on agility.

He travels to consult, working with enterprise management groups, executive teams and individual project teams on large scale agile transformations in addition to providing leadership coaching and other agile trainings. Avinash has trained and coached individuals at several organizations including FannieMae, Capital One and has mentored several enterprise management teams and individual project teams in these organizations on business efficiency, process improvements and organizational change. He is also a TBR Certified Trainer featured on the website.

He has spoken at several company events and agile user groups and has led CSM training classes and agile workshops at Companies’ offices across USA with Certified Scrum Trainers. With an extensive technical background and several industry certifications, he is on a journey to bridge the gap between traditional management strategies and the agile mindset while helping individuals and organizations experience the benefits of using Agile. He is in pursuit of creating a framework for Business Agility and refining the approach for faster delivery.

As a lifelong learner, it gives him immense pleasure to share his experience with others and, at the same time, learn new perspectives through collaborative learning. He is huge believer in “community before individual”.

He believes that “Nobody is perfect. In fact, perfection is the enemy of self-actualization. Perfection is a myth, improvement is real” – As someone smart once said, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.