Christina Heath

Paper and Presentation: Why Your Technical Skills Aren’t Enough: How Project Managers Can Accelerate Capacity for Growth, Leadership, and Change Navigation by Learning to Manage Their Minds

Abstract: There are two fundamental truths in project management. The first is that change is constant. In this post-2020 paradigm, our ability to manage change will absolutely determine whether we thrive or struggle unnecessarily. The second is that while hard (technical) skills help project managers operate effectively, they are nothing without soft (non-technical) skills. The technical skills help get project managers going, and the non-technical skills help keep things going. Mastering these non-technical skills gives you as the project manager a distinctive edge, getting you into rooms you have only dreamed of, and then enabling you to maneuver and manage change long after you arrive.

According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, some non-technical skills that set project managers up to thrive include motivating others, conflict management, adaptability, resourcefulness, teamwork, influence, and the ability to inspire project teams to achieve high team performance and meet project objectives (PMI, p.337). These skills are required in project management, easily transferable into everyday life, and essential to project success.

But one non-technical skill that is critical to a project manager’s health and happiness in this space, is the ability to manage one’s mind. It is a rarely-discussed, widely untapped advantage, and a skill that every project manager should have access to.

I invite all project managers interested in accelerating their capacity for growth, leadership, and withstanding change to dive into the topic with me. We’ll cover how to define a well-managed mind, why it’s important, and three things you can start doing today to start mastering this non-tech skill.

PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills

Biography: Christina is the Strategic Alignment Coach and owner of MangoFlow Consulting, a boutique consultancy specializing in career-focused personal development for project managers.

Christina focuses on training project professionals to approach work & life holistically so they can build authority; be happier, healthier, more strategic leaders; craft work-lives they love; and be impeccably aligned. Learn more at

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