Michael O’Connor

Presentation 1 of 3: PMI Agile Hybrid Project Pro Micro Certification

Abstract: Over the past decade, we have seen many examples of products that have failed and, in some cases, forced their organizations into bankruptcy. Think about Kodak, Sears, Blockbuster and Blackberry, just to name a few. Why is this happening? What is causing products to fail at such an alarming rate? And, more importantly, how does this impact project managers and product managers?
New technologies, largely internet based, are enabling development of new products, new business models and globalization. We hear about the need to transform organizations, increase business agility and build resilience in order to address challenges.

In such dynamic and demanding environments, organizations must have project managers and product managers who work well together. Recognizing this, PMI and PDMA have partnered to find ways to improve how these changemakers can collaborate successfully. Our objective is to identify and recommend possible solutions that PMI and PDMA can offer to their members and practitioners, allowing project managers and product managers to work together and align.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management

Presentation 2 of 3: PMI 4.0 Strategy

Abstract: PMI 4.0 is a growth strategy to address the PM needs of changemakers. By expanding our stakeholder universe and our product portfolio, PMI can increase its impact to the world by 10x. Changemakers are individuals that proactively drive change and transformational efforts for businesses, people and society overall. Project Professionals are changemakers—they have always led change and turned ideas into reality, and we continue to serve them.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management

Presentation 3 of 3: Project Management in the Medical Device Field

Abstract: Performing project management in the medical device industry is filled with FDA and OUS regulations. A PM has to be able to match regulatory requirements with project management in order to succeed. This presentation will look at the authros work over 30 years in the medical device field and project management. Success, failure, lesson learned and what will the future hold for PM’s in the medical device field.

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management

Biography: Dr. Michael O’Connor is the Director Strategy and Project Management with Medtronic. He has over 35 years of professional experience and 30 years of professional experience in the Medical Device Industry. O’Connor received his B.A. and minor in Project Management from Metropolitan State University. He holds Graduate degrees in Project Management from the University of Wisconsin, Platteville, Technology Management from the University of St. Thomas, and Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. O’Connor earned his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, majoring in Project Management, from the University of Maryland, College Park, A. James School of Engineering. He was selected as an American Society for Quality (ASQ), Quality Fellow and selected as a Medtronic, Technical Fellow. He is a currently and a former Director at Large for the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) and has volunteered his time with many Professional Societies and Universities/Colleges over the past 18 years. In addition to Medtronic, his corporate experience also includes 3M and Pfizer.