Scott Hine

Presentation 1 of 2: Change Management – The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Abstract: Project managers need to think about change management the same way they think about the theory of constraints. We will discuss best practices and lessons learned to help accelerate early adoption and acceptance of new systems and processes. In addition to managing cost, schedule and scope, PMs need to ensure a meaningful change management plan and approach are in place. This effort NEEDS to start at the same time as project initiation. A “perfect” project will fail to meet intended outcomes if there is an ineffective change management plan, approach and culture in place.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Strategic and Business Management

Presentation 2 of 2: Federal Project Managers – A Medley Of Topics To Discuss

Abstract: We as federal PMs typically have similar questions about our careers, and would like to hear and learn from others in similar situations. In this session we will discuss, collectively, topics such as: what is the best certification to get? Is there a typical career path? How many projects should I be managing? Where can I go for guidance? Is there a difference being a PM in a civilian agency as compared to DoD?

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management

Biography: Scott Hine is a member of the executive leadership team within the Department of Energy, Office of the Chief Financial Officer where he is the Deputy Director of Corporate Business Systems. He has over 30 years of portfolio, program and project management experience.

As a collateral duty, Scott is also the Executive Sponsor of the Federal Government’s Program and Project Management Community of Practice (FedPM CoP) with almost 1,700 members from 90 federal activities.

Outside of work, Scott is actively engaged in George Mason University as an adjunct professor within the School of Engineering as well as being on several boards and committees.

Scott holds a BS degree in Decision Science, MS in Systems Engineering, graduate certificate in IT project management and PMP, CIO, FAC-P/PM, FAC-COR, DAWIA, Information Security, ITIL and Acquisition Professional certifications.