Making Portfolio Management More Agile – Dunn

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Abstract: Agile is continuing to build momentum across a variety of processes, outside of the traditional solution delivery space. New frameworks are driving agile into the portfolio management space. The question often posed is whether Agile is the right approach for these processes. Research on the subject is inconclusive. However, research on what drives successful businesses is not inconclusive – begging the question of whether Agile practices work are effective for portfolio development and management. Come to this session to understand how Agile can best be used to support effective Portfolio Management. Research on Portfolio Management best practices will be provided and lined up with current Agile approaches. Recommendations will be provided to help companies understand how to leverage Agile and non-Agile practices in their business models.

Learning Objectives
• Understand how Agile is being integrated into Portfolio Management
• Learn what drives Portfolio Management success
• Understand how to leverage Agile to ensure that it properly supports Portfolio Management success

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management

Workshop: Steps and Missteps of Project Scheduling – Caruso

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Abstract: Presentation and workshop of common scheduling best practices and considerations. Discuss some common errors and how to identify challenges in a project schedule.

In a workshop format, create a project schedule with common tasks and a set of constraints. With scenario-based information modify these schedules as happens in real life. Provide open discussion of scenarios “what do you do when…”.

Proposed Scenario: Home Remodel

Actively create a scheduled that takes into account the primary requirements of a Master Bathroom Remodel. Identify and discuss derived requirements and incorporate them into the schedule. Plan the remodel schedule based on provided information.

Attendees provide risks and issues to the schedule. Incorporate risk mitigation or time to accommodate issues into the schedule.

Compare initial schedule with reality.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management