Kellie Cenzano

Presentation: Cross-Agency Collaboration to Ensure Mission Success Session

Abstract: The value of collaborating with program and project managers (P/PMs) from across the federal government to share best practices and lessons learned is immeasurable and has become a critically important tool in the toolbox. Many federal P/PMs continue to work in either a hybrid or completely remote work environment. Having the capability to contact a federal peer P/PM for resources, guidance, and wisdom that—for whatever reason—we cannot obtain from our leadership chain is undeniably valuable.

During this session we will discuss collaboration thoughts, ideas, and resources to better position you to achieve mission success.

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management (Business Acumen)

Biography: Will be posted soon.

PM 4.0: AI & Future for Project Managers

Two speakers and a moderator from our upcoming Project Management Symposium, April 20-21, 2023, were featured in the March 2023 PM Point of View Podcast on the topic of “PM 4.0: AI & Future for Project Managers.”

This podcast episode features guests Al Zeiton, Marissa Brienza and Bill Brantley as they chat about the role of AI in Project Management and the potential risks and benefits of using it as PMs. Discover the logic and importance of maintaining human interaction.  As it turns out, the reality is not fear, which that makes us think “it will never replace us” but rather AI’s limitations in the larger PM discipline. Ah! But what potential magic AI may bring if we use it as augmenting project management, driving improved risk assessment, and being our outsourced memory! All in service of PMs providing value for customers, and keeping us on the relationship side, even as technology might give us augmented memory, augmented intelligence or even artificial emotional intelligence. There may be guardrails we need to learn as we plunge toward a future of exponential skill growth in which could take PMs to the CEO suite…but augmented PMs maybe the stuff CEOs will be made of!

Below are the Symposium sessions featured in this podcast.

Guest Bill Brantley, is the moderator of the Federal Programs track of the Project Management Symposium plus the author of three online Professional Certificate Programs developed by the University of Maryland Project Management Center for Excellence and available for FREE on edX.

These speakers are only 2 of the 50 you will hear at our upcoming Project Management Symposium April 20-21, 2023.  Hope to see you there!

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