The following testimonials were provided by 2023 participants. For more information on our previous Symposiums visit: Previous Symposiums

Come one, come all to the Project Management Symposium, Where we’ll gather as a community, with collaboration as our axiom. We’ll network and collaborate, and build a community, Of project managers who strive for excellence and unity.
Anand Singhal
This is the place to have your “comfort-zone” challenged. Come along to find out what else is happening in Program and Project Management beyond your typical horizon.
David Carter
I had such a fantastic time attending the Symposium remotely. I was able to hear from top professionals in the project management field, and the diversity of speakers and topics was exceptional. I can’t wait for next year’s Symposium!
Gabby Thomson
The Project Management Symposium was a wonderful event—I was impressed by the breadth of the speakers’ experience and the session topics. Another highlight was getting to meet and share insights with project managers across many different fields and locations. This was my first time attending, but I will definitely return!
Katie Meersman
I always learn something new and become refocused/refreshed to move forward!!
Laura Sharps
The 2023 UMD Project Management Symposium exceeded my expectations. The speakers were extremely accomplished in their fields and their lectures provided valuable advice on how to achieve similar success in my own projects. The lecture topics were diverse and interesting. I would absolutely recommend this conference. I am planning to attend again in 2024.
Lisa Censi
I have attended the PM Symposium for many years and always receive value from it. It’s a cost-effective means of hearing from local colleagues about interesting projects, lessons learned, and the challenges in other sectors and industries. And it’s an excellent way to earn professional development units to maintain certifications. In recent years, I’ve particularly appreciated the ability to attend virtually. I continue to appreciate the PM Center of Excellence’s coordination of a good conference in a very welcoming environment.
Lisa Price
As a PM practioner, who attended because I am a lifelong learner. I loved the fact that I wasn’t married to a particular track and I was able to bounce around because the pamphlet provided very prescriptive and informative titles. I look forward to attending the 2024 Project Management Symposium.
Rebecca O. Showunmi
One would think that after being a project manager for over thirty years, conferences would become routine. Many of the speakers taught this old dawg new tricks. It was a fantastic experience.
Rudy Watson
If you are looking for a conference that would sharpen your PM skills look no further and include Project Management Symposium on training list. Maybe you don’t know what Project Management is about or just looking for a conference that has a variety of different topics this conference will provide it all. Guess what I attended online and didn’t fill left out at all.
Yvette Brunson


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