Achieving the Mission – How Leadership and Influence Can Move Project Portfolios Through the Bureaucracy – Warren

12:30 pm -1:15 pm

Friday, April 21, 2023

Grand Ballroom


Large groups of dispersed projects are necessarily managed by diverse groups of people at various levels of leadership.  The sheer costs of large project portfolios and the number of people involved introduce the need for governance, and governance implemented at scale is a kind of bureaucracy.  The bureaucracy itself is not inherently positive or negative, but a system with ethics and rules a leader must navigate carefully to be successful.  Character, vision, and communication are attributes which must be practiced with skill.  Additionally, achieving the right balance of will, empathy, and humility is a dynamic process which changes based on the needs of the team and phase of portfolio execution.  We will discuss the leader’s role in creating the right culture for project success.  We will also discuss how leaders must operationally balance capabilities and aspirations, create a culture of integrity and accountability, and uplift teammates to perform at their highest level.

PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills


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