Creating the Experience-Driven Future Organization – empowering the Strategic Project Management Muscle – Zeitoun

8:50 am -9:45 am

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Grand Ballroom


The world of work has changed and tomorrow’s leaders have not been created yet. At the heart of their creation are adaptive mindsets seeing opportunities in chaos, connected hearts that unite, and focused resilient execution experience that achieves and creates value faster. The next generation project managers need to zoom, energize, and transform. Organizations will simplify, break molds, and remove resistance to speed scaling.

Most of the critical future of work changes can be clustered into themes: project management as a strategic muscle, role of project managers changes, the project economy, and balance between transparency and autonomy in experience cultures. As such, the landscape is changing and the ten pillars of project management have emerged. These critical ten pillars in the work of this author, with Kerzner and Vargas, will influence project management for the next decade and the performance of future experience-driven organizations.

Business as usual is shrinking and the qualities of the futuristic project manager are shaped by collaborative qualities and new forms of leadership. Transformation ingredients will come together in this presentation to showcase the applicability of select number of the 10 pillars for creating organizational excellence momentum.

The connected future of business is human, projectized, and digitized. Creating an excellent organizational ecosystem requires a culture that is committed to achieving balance amongst these 3 critical elements of next gen’s world. Sustaining this transformative change is built on a relentless commitment to the project and program management practices.

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