Establishing an Integrated Project, Program, and Portfolio Management (IPPM) Digital Ecosystem – Pisano

1:30 pm -2:15 pm

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Charles Carroll


In recent years the major thrust regarding integration of domains in project and program management has focused on earned value and schedule performance. The Aerospace & Defense industry in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense and the federal agencies has advanced this concept through the use of common schemas for this data.

These schemas have facilitated the accurate capture, transformation, and load (ETL) of this data, and have done so in such a way as to provide a deeper and broader capture of data essential to informed decision-making.

This presentation will present case studies where data has been integrated across the entire IPPM ecosystem. This integration not only entails improvements in timeliness and, hence, the value of earned value and schedule data, but also incorporates program framing assumptions, goals, and objectives; systems engineering, to include management of technical requirements, drawings, and documents; program-focused contract and financial management, technical performance, risk management to include joint cost and schedule confidence level assessments, measures of systems data integrity and validity, and process automation on milestones and in support of the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR).

As part of this presentation, the audience will be introduced to concepts regarding quantitative measures of improvement in data value, such as Intrinsic Value of Information (IVI) and Business Value of Information (BVI). Documented cost savings, as opposed to cost avoidance, will be emphasized and the methods of documenting these effects will be discussed. Determination of qualitative improvements, as well as elimination of redundancy, will also be covered. Finally, lessons learned from these efforts will be used to propose a set of principles that establish best practices in transitioning to a Digital IPPM environment.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management (Ways of Working)


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