Migrating from Waterfall to Agile: Concerns and Remedies – Alston

10:00 am -11:45 am

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Benjamin Banneker


Migrating from Waterfall to Agile: Concerns and Remedies
This presentation will address several of the concerns that a project manager will likely face and remediation strategies that can be applied when working in an organization that is migrating from traditional project management approaches, such as waterfall, to agile project management approaches such as scrum, Kanban and lean agile. Discussion topics will include:

  • Executive management support and perspectives
    It is acknowledged that a conversion from traditional to agile project management methods is more successful with the support of executive management; however, success is also largely dependent on management perspectives and expectations. This workshop will discuss pitfalls that are commonly faced whin communicating with executive management and techniques for addressing them.
  • Organizational hierarchy
    From product owners, to developers, to scrum masters, the organization and hierarch of assigned roles can dramatically impact outcome success. This workshop will discuss the impacts and how to tailor your methods to increases success for hybrid projects.
  • Backlog requirements and tasks
    User stories are common components of agile projects and backlogs; however, the execution of development tasks play a large part in determining project outcomes. This workshop will discuss the identification and management of tasks throughout the execution of hybrid projects.
  • Scheduling
    It is not uncommon for hybrid projects to exhibit schedules that reflect some of the characteristics of traditional project schedules. This workshop will discuss methods for developing hybrid project schedules and migration towards routine agile sprint scheduling.
  • Reporting
    Status, schedules, risks and expectations; this workshop will discuss techniques for developing and communicating status reporting of hybrid projects to satisfy the needs of executive management, stakeholders, and agile development teams.

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