Supercharge Your PM Power Skills with Authenticity – Greenwald

3:30 pm -4:15 pm

Thursday, April 20, 2023



Every project manager knows that they must wield the power of communication with great effect. After all, according to PMI’s annual global survey, communication is the #1skill that employers are looking for in their project professionals. The way in which we present our ideas is critically important when speaking with our team, our stakeholders and our vertical chain.

There are about a million books published on how to be a more effective public speaker. The topics are sure to include important tips like, the right way to stand, the correct facial expressions, and minimizing your ums and ahs. You certainly will need to master these presentation skills to become a capable communicator. However, your audience isn’t there to count your filler words. They want a PM who they can trust, respect and relate to. And that is all about speaking with the power of authenticity. No book can teach you this key topic because YOU are the author of that yet unwritten manuscript.

The best PMs have learned to engage their audiences with authenticity. They know how to tap into their ‘true impromptu self’. You can too, by learning to recognize and avoid the obstacles which stand in your way. Join me at my seriously fun session as I show you how to supercharge your communication skills with the power of authenticity.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)


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