System Dynamics of Alternative Analysis in Program Management – Self

11:00 am -11:45 am

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Juan Ramon Jimenez


System Dynamics of Alternative Analysis is a practical interactive discussion of the alternative analysis ecosystem with a focus on building participant’s individual capabilities to effectively facilitate and contribute within red teams, alternative analysis, wargames, or scenario planning sessions. Strategic thinking is a fundamental skillset in program management activities. The ability for program managers to understand and facilitate alternative analysis working sessions improves both strategic planning and, ultimately, an organization’s decision-making process. In this discussion we’ll explore the ecosystem of alternative analysis within strategic planning, and participants will gain a personal understanding of:

  • The impact of cognitive biases and logical fallacies in alternative analysis
  • The most effective ways of challenging “conventional wisdom” of preconceived ideas
  • The importance of diverse perspectives offering different understandings of solutions

Through the process of incorporating alternative perspectives in alternative analysis and decision-making, participants will be empowered with the ability to identify and benefit from what is often overlooked in traditional strategic planning.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)


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