You Need a Higher EQ than Your IQ to Succeed!!! – Miller

2:30 pm -3:15 pm

Thursday, April 20, 2023



Research has shown that only 20% of our IQ accounts for the success we have in our lives. So, what is the other 80% comprised of, that will lead our efforts to greater outcomes for all the people we interact with daily? Well, a substantial portion of it will be the level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that you develop and use, as often as possible, to impact your projects and the people who are impacted by them internally and externally.

This session is designed for anyone and everyone who wants more success in their projects and collaborations with people while realizing their own intelligence and knowledge they have, may not be enough.

Attendees will learn how a higher EQ will lead to better relationships with all those you meet and interact with throughout their projects. They will understand why emotional strength, which comes from a higher EQ, will lead to less stress in their lives and greater physical health, because our emotional levels that can be managed and controlled in a variety of project situations like meetings, conflicts, vendor relations and so on, will dictate how we feel physically and emotionally.

Finally, we will explore how you can develop your EQ with simple daily practices, which will strengthen and grow your EQ to higher levels than your IQ. Attendees will leave with the knowledge they need to acquire great EQ skills through key focus areas that will be explored and defined. These acquired EQ skills and knowledge will put everyone in attendance on a path to greater project success in their future.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)


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