Christopher ‘Ax’ Axthelm

Presentation: Philosophy of Agile

Abstract: When you research what the Agile manifesto is you find terms like “Mindset”, “Methodology”, “Umbrella”. Many methodologies/frameworks are described as being ‘Agile’. However, when teams attempt to work with Agile they focus on implementing a framework instead of Agile itself; is that because Agile is too nebulous to adhere to? Instead of asking ‘how’ to be Agile, lets ask what Agile is trying to convey in philosophical terms. What is it about Agile that helps projects and teams succeed? What can we learn from Agile, isolated from a particular methodology?

In this talk we’ll take that step back and looks at Agile as a company, team, and personal philosophy. The Agile Manifesto and Principles will be explored and analyzed common themes and a deeper meaning. We will look at Agile in terms of its adaptability, flexibility, and structure for concepts of risk mitigation, communication, and value add. We will discuss the broad ideas of, and distinct differences between, collaboration, negotiations, and interactions. Finally, the talk will dive a little into project methodologies to see how they bring the philosophy of Agile into practice.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management (Ways of Working)

Biography: A self-proclaimed “Agile Philosopher”, Christopher “Ax” Axthelm is a certified project manager with over fourteen years of experience leading teams in software development from small mobile games & apps, to large restaurant back-office servers, to flight dynamic systems at NASA’s Goddard campus. When he’s not working, Ax is dedicated to championing Agile as a philosophy to improve all facets of business. Through continual research into Agile, Lean, and business communication Ax hopes to help even the most reluctant in the software industry see the good Agile can do.