Crystal J. Richards

Presentation: Let’s Debate… Principles vs Process, Which Approach is Better?

This debate is about whether starting with principles or processes is the best way to form standards and drive project management excellence.  Project Management Institute just switched in PMBoK 7 to principles, but in all previous standards had used processes.  Principles can provide flexible decision making support, but don’t offer a way of getting there leaving project managers stuck with unachievable outcomes and no guide or basis for improvement. Meanwhile processes offer how to do project management, but they aren’t universal by nature and don’t encapsulate on their own the value we’re delivering nor the goals of project management. We know no project is exactly alike and tailoring processes would seem to be somewhere in the middle – but which provides us the best starting point? What should be the standard used by PMI or any organization as we aim for excellence in project management?

Join us as we dive into the details and hear from two experts in educating project managers on which is the best approach: Principles or Process?

PMI Talent Triangle: Business Acumen

Biography: Crystal is the Principal and Owner of MindsparQ™, a talent development consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations better the skills sets of their teams in the areas of project management, communications, and leadership.

Crystal’s focus is to train people to be better project managers so they can consistently deliver projects with clarity, confidence and courage. Crystal maintains an online community on project management and leadership better practices. To learn more about the community, go to

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