Jaap Dekkinga

Presentation: Stakeholder Involvement (sub title: How Do I involve My stakeholders Best in an Agile Environment?)

Abstract: One of the struggles I have seen when organizations transition to Agile in relation to the Agile principle “Customer Collaboration Over Contract Negotiation” is: When and how do I involve the right customer.

Goal of this presentation:

  • Provide tools on how to involve different types of stakeholders
  • Tool to identify different types of stakeholders
  • In the presentation I will explain the 2 step process of:
    • Step 1: map out the players for a value stream, product, or feature(set) in a simple 2×2 Stakeholders Matrix (influence/power and interest)
    • Step 2: Learn about the tools and techniques to involve players in each quadrant based on their specific strength or opportunity

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management

Biography: IT professional (MSc) with 20+ years, working across the project life cycle in multiple disciplines. My focus now is on Agile coaching with a focus
on Lean Startup and transitioning organization and their leadership to a more entrepreneurial mindset.