Joe Mariani

Presentation: Buying Into a Customer-Centric Future: How AI and Big Ideas can Revolutionize Government Ways of Working

Abstract: “Buying Into a Customer-Centric Future: How AI and Big Ideas Can Revolutionize Government Ways of Working” will make the case for why and how we achieve a dual operating system for business agility in the government, where department silos are connected to deliver value to its citizens through value streams. Doing this requires embracing Agile, Modular Acquisitions, concepts like Scope Buffer, Leveraging OTAs and Alternative Pathways, and Integrated, Empowered Teams to enable a customer-centric government. We’ve seen this work in the past but creating and sustaining a transformation to customer-centric government won’t be easy. Based on results from the 2022 Product Government Conference, the government faces major hurdles in both developing Vision and overcoming the cultural barriers in Buying Strategies to reform government procurement processes in the digital age.  This presentation will focus on government work processes’ current state and the need to embrace new ways of working and how we can create and accelerate the Customer-Centric government through Vision using Big Ideas and AI’s potential in improving sense-making with New Buying Strategies.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management (Ways of Working)

Biography: Joe Mariani leads the emerging technologies research program for Deloitte’s Center for Government Insights. His research focuses on the intersection of culture and innovation in both commercial businesses and government organizations. Joe has testified before Congress on the impact of emerging technology on government, and his work has appeared in publications including the National Academy of Sciences, World Economic Forum, US News & World Report, Wall Street Journal and more. His previous experience includes work as a consultant to defense and intelligence organizations, high school science teacher, and Marine Corps intelligence officer.