Josh Erney

Paper and Presentation: The Art of Presenting Compelling Detailed Analysis

Abstract: The last few years have emphasized the need for adaptation. This has required normally siloed titles of “consultant” or “data analysts” to expand their capabilities of facilitating conversations that were previously delegated to another entity. Specifically, consultants and project managers must adapt to presenting detailed data analysis to clients in a thoughtful and intuitive way that can clearly express the purpose of the data.

We will present key questions that must be asked when creating a presentation that involves detailed data analysis and potential options that can be incorporated into a presentation to ensure the audience understands the purpose, recognizes the implications of the data, and frankly, is not asleep.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)

Biography: Josh Erney, BSW attributes his varying skillsets to his diverse work/life experiences as an Army Veteran, Incident Investigator, and Management consultant. Josh is able to provide executive level support, change management consultation, data analysis, public speaking, policy analysis/ formulation, and professional leadership to each project that comes his way. Josh is a creative thinker and effective communicator, which is most evident by his ability to successfully diagnose problems and communicate concise solutions, regardless of the target audience.