Kanika Tolver

Presentation: Build a High Performing Agile Team

Abstract: The most highly skilled agile teams understand continuous delivery and implement continuous improvement for the development of quality software and products. But, creating a high performing agile team is no easy task. Agile leaders need to understand how to properly recruit professionals who have cross-functional skills and those who can effectively utilize the scrum values. If you are a project manager, scrum master or agile coach you need to develop a team culture that promotes commitment, focus, openness, respect, and courage for the execution of a successful workflow. The process of creating a successful workflow that promotes continuous improvement requires agile teams to fully understand the business value of the end users. Also, a successful workflow clearly outlines: release frequency, delivery speed, user stories/product features and team velocity. The best agile teams have learned to adopt self-organization and create innovative products not working in silos.

The attendees will learn how to do the following:
Recruit Professionals with Cross-Functional Skills
Define Business Value for Users and Conduct Sprint Planning
Improve Communication and Collaboration (Teams and Stakeholders)
Create a Successful Workflow for Continuous Delivery/Continuous Improvement

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management

Biography: Kanika Tolver is a Certified ScrumMaster and Certified AWS Developer with over 15 years of application development and digital transformation experience. She specializes in user experience (UX), software testing, cloud computing, agile project management, product management and website design.