Kenneth Green

Presentation: Overcoming Organizational Resistance to Change. How can Leaders Control Culture and Influence Behavior?

Abstract: Organizations, like everything that exists, are subject to change and just as change will surely happen, resistance to change will also surely occur as resistance to change is natural but also a major barrier to creating an organizational culture that is conducive to change. Consistent with their study, Elgohary, E., & Abdelazyz, R. (2020), employees’ resistance to change has stood as one of the most perplexing problems that an organizing body has.

Organizations and their leaders must develop methods that address overcoming resistance to change through the controlling of their environment through the ability to influence their subordinates and their organizational culture. Amarantou, et. al. (2018) found that when a good relationship exists between leaders and members of the organization, the culture of the organization will support change as members will be more receptive. As detailed by Schulz-Knappe, et. al. (2019), organizational change is a description of the adaptation of organizational strategies and structures to address the shifts in the external forces that impact organizations.

The purpose of this study is to examine organizational resistance to change and grasp an understanding of the obstacles and challenges faced by leaders as they work to overcome resistance through effectively managing change with the control of their organizational culture. Organizations need effective leaders to embark on change implementation as the culture of the organization must be fertile ground in order for the seeds of change to take root, grow, and bear fruit. Schulz-Knappe, et. al. (2019), crucial to the successful implementation of change is the ability to generate a positive perception of change that gets the support of reduction to resistance to change.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of Leaders controlling organizational culture
  • Change and how it creates organizational value
  • Connection of organizational culture and change implementation

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management (Business Acumen)

Biography: Kenneth R. Green, Sr., I hold a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Management studies (University of Maryland University College), a Bachelor of Science in Management (UMUC), a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Management (Columbus University), and two Associate degrees in Electronic Technology and Electronic Communications (P.G. Community College). I am a licensed Master Electrician in Maryland and Virginia, and I am a National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) certified instructor. I am currently enrolled at Liberty University in their Doctorate of Strategic Leadership PhD program (3.96 GPA). I am an Army war Veteran (Operation Desert Storm). I work full-time at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority as an Assistant Superintendent of Railcar Maintenance, I own my own Electrical Business and I work as an adjunct instructor at CSM teaching the third year of the Electrical program. I also volunteer at the Calvert County Detention center to assist incarcerated men and women prepare to reintegrate back into society. I both enjoy teaching and find it fulfilling, as I believe its my duty to teach others to be successful in the in life and share my success and understanding of how to pursuit it. My hope is that I can help others avoid the pitfalls of life through my experiences, while simultaneously encouraging and empowering others through education and providing inspiration with my own achievements and perseverance.