Kevin M. Coleman

Presentation: Critical Conversations on Unconscious Bias: Recognize it and Self Correct

Abstract: In this very interactive session, attendees will look at how creating a cohesive workplace requires understanding unconscious bias and applying what we learn to work together in a cohesive environment using proven communication and connection strategies. Throughout the session, attendees participate in role-playing using real-life examples to help us recognize our own unconscious bias and how it impacts the organization. This is done through self-awareness and self-reflection. These examples will help us consider “How did that situation make us feel?”, “What did you think about while the situation was happening, and “What did you learn about yourself and others?” You will learn best practices for what to say to dispel myths and stereotypes and engage in dialogue. That will be the catalyst for positive change and acceptance. The presenter will provide practical tips that will help you manage situations positively and more productively.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)

Biography: Kevin M. Coleman is the Founder of KMC Empowerment, LLC where he provides executive coaching, empowering speeches, and professional development training to make individuals and organizations successful. This is done through inspiring leaders to define clear vision, mission, and value systems that leads to exponential personal, professional, and business growth. Kevin has been leading training for Executives, Division Chiefs, Branch Chiefs, Mid-Level Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads, and Journeymen for over 30 years. Kevin has vast experience speaking for all levels of audiences from three (3) to three thousand (3,000). Kevin served his country in the military for over 9 years and is a disabled veteran. Kevin has been recognized as a winner of the BIG Region XI President Leadership Award and was awarded the Virginia Professional Leadership Award. KMC Empowerment has helped individuals, groups, and organization reach exponential growth through coaching, training, team building, and strategic planning.