Michael Millane

Paper and Presentation: Hybrid Project Management – Successes, Missteps & Learnings

Abstract: In 2019, Intel’s Supply Chain IT organization started our Scaled Agile journey amidst a broader Digital Transformation initiative.

As we identified our development value streams and launched our 8 Agile Release trains, we saw steady, continual improvement in:

  1. Our operational and support metrics
  2. Our ability to turn the tide and keep ahead of technical obsolescence
  3. Improved stakeholder alignment and transparency on team execution
  4. Improved execution discipline as teams more consistently met their commitments

However, in the scaled agile framework stand up, we observed that large digital transformation initiatives that either included significant business process re-engineering or technically complex platform implementations that struggled to make traction. We had 3 initiatives which struggled, and each required to be reassessed, rechartered and relaunched after a string of visible challenges and painful resets.

Two of these initiatives ultimately found success and delivered planned business value primarily by adopting a Hybrid Project management approach. The final initiative wavered on program structure, methodology and struggled to overcome the significant business and technical complexities in their scope.

We will share our observations and attendees should take away insights in 2 main areas:

  1. What were the environmental risk characteristics and program-specific risks that contributed to these challenges:
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Business Unit (Global Supply Chain) challenges and business strategy
    • Level of Business and Digital Transformation
    • New Platform landings: On-Premises or Cloud
    • Scaled agile implementation
  2. Strategies that proved successful and unsuccessful in response to environment challenges and risks
    • Success factors in a Hybrid Program Management implementation
    • Success factors in delivering a large digital transformation within the scaled agile framework
    • Factors that contributed to continued challenges in our third initiative – implications and suggestions.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management (Ways of Working)

Biography: Michael received his Bachelors of Science in Engr from Cornell University and an MBA in Information Systems Management from the University of Texas at Austin. Michael started his career in healthcare but has spent the last nearly 30 years in the high-tech Industry at Intel Corporation. He has 30 years of IT-related experience as a Principal Program Manager / Director in a variety of business domains: Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources, Cybersecurity and Intel’s Corporate Data Office.