Ruth Pearce

Presentation: Futureproof Your Role with and through People

Abstract: Project management is changing. Process can be automated, tracking computerized and the image of the project manager as the person with the clipboard is no longer relevant.

Teams are more dispersed and more diverse, communications are more challenging and faster, command & control is replaced with connection, meaning & purpose.

What will differentiate one project manager from another in the future? It will not be project management skills it will be people connection and motivation skills.

In this session we will explore practical ways to increase your connection to the core of future business – human capital – the PEOPLE who work with you (peers), for you (team members), and whom you have to satisfy (Stakeholders and sponsors).

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the difference between management and motivation
  • Develop 3 immediate skills in connecting with motivating others
  • Explain how YOU are the better choice as a project manager or project motivator!

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership

Biography: Ruth Pearce co-founded In It Together Group Coaching as part of A Lever Long Enough (ALLE LLC), supporting and coaching managers and team members to transform the workplace into a community.

An avid proponent of focusing on what works, Ruth starts with character strengths as a powerful way to forge connections between team members in a safe way.

Her vision is to bring the art and science of character strengths and community building to project managers. Based on twenty years of direct experience in the field supported by extensive study and research in the science of Character Strengths and Positive Psychology, Ruth’s book Be a Project Motivator: Unlock the Secrets of Strengths-Based Project Management was published in November 2018.

Her motto is Be Hopeful; Be Strong; Be Brave; Be Curious

In addition to running her own business, Ruth is the VIA Institute on Character Ambassador and Facilitator working to bring the science of character strengths to as many audiences as possible.

Ruth is a coach for BetterUp and a LinkedIn Learning Instructor