Trinesha Longley

Presentation: Stakeholder Communication – I’m I an effective communicator for my project?

Abstract: PMI states that poor communications is a contributing factor in 56% of the projects that failed, and yet communication is 90% of the job of a project managers. Therefore is it our fault that projects Fail? Are we communicating often enough, in the correct form and in ways where the information is digestible for the stakeholder? Are we asking the audience (the stakeholder) how they prefer the receive the content? I am here share my lessons learned to help fellow Project Managers on the do’s and don’t of majoring Stakeholder Communication. I am currently working on research and analysis to make improvement and will be sharing what I’ve learned and uncovered. I will discuss The importance of the stakeholder for the project; The type of communication; The means of communication; The frequency of communication; The time of communication.

The Learner will take away:

  1. Tips On How to Communicate With Stakeholders
  2. Templates for Communication
  3. A better sense of what they can do to communication effectively to their stakeholders for their projects and making improvement in areas that they can control.

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management (Business Acumen)

Biography: Trinesha Longley has over 10 years of experience spearheading and leading projects and programs in the project management discipline, within a variety of security domains for Fortune 500 Companies.

Trinesha is on a mission to help project managers find their leadership voice. She is passionate about understanding the value we hold as project managers and how the transferable skill of leading project teams can be help individuals pivot into leadership roles within their organization.

Trinesha holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems, and has several certifications including a Project Management Professional (PMP).