Weymouth Spence

Presentation: 5 Steps to Avoid Contractor Change Orders

Abstract: Change orders can eat into the overall profitability of a project and many times are an indication that someone fell asleep behind the wheel. Therefore, it can be concluded that change orders are bad and should be avoided at all costs. Of course, there are will always be design changes which can lead to change orders, but in general, most change orders submitted by contractors are not associated with design changes and possibly could have been avoided if proper steps were followed earlier on in the project. Below are 5 steps that should be taken if your goal is to mitigate or eliminate change orders on your projects.

  1. Issue a Complete Scope
  2. Read All the Fine Print
  3. Understand the Schedule & Resources
  4. Document Everything
  5. Build Lasting Relationships

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management

Biography: Weymouth is one of Primera’s resident program and project management experts. His expertise is the result of 10 years of industry experience in a variety of program and project management environments. He is experienced in the utility, power generation, and construction industries. Weymouth applies project management principles to meet the client’s needs and expectations. In addition, his devotion to customer service and attention to detail allows him to adapt and tailor his services to address client concerns and develop solutions to complex problems.