2022 Testimonials

The following testimonials were provided by 2022 participants. 

Always impressed by the presenter’s fresh and innovative project management perspectives!
David Kordel
As always, excellent speakers ! This conference rejuvenates me each year with new ideas or confirmation that what I am doing is on the right track.
Laura Sharps
Benefit received is current approaches to PM implementations by various Gov./Private industries. Not too many forums have this type of PM implementation exposure.
For me as a PM researcher/ presenter, this is my preferred event to support.
William Moylan
Great content and insights!
Elena Lopez
Great information with benefits, motivation and focus.
Muhammad Samamreh
Great opportunity to learn & reflect about your experiences & others. It allows for you to take a break from work & come back refreshed with new ideas
AlRitia Oden
I enjoyed the mix of presenters, young/old, fresh ides/along with experience, the cultural diversity of the presenters, & the passion with which each presenter shared their experiences in project management.
Marie Ann Leyko
I found the questions from participants to be very insightful. In my discussion on strategic portfolios, the questions continued even after the session on LinkedIN. I learned a lot as the presenter.
John Driessnack
I have never been to a Project Management Symposium before and I think this program was a great introduction. There were 5 different tracks that were available depending on your needs/interests, and I appreciated the flexibility to jump from one session’s track to another. The topics discussed were relevant and timely and the speakers were knowledgeable in their fields. I’d definitely join again in the future!
Marianne Musni
If you are looking to improve your Project Management proficiencies, look no further than the PM symposium.
Vasheta Smith
Others should attend to gain knowledge for self and attend to be in an even better position to share the knowledge gained with others. Focus on the different ways the speakers present because, it will ignite a fire in you to be a speaker at a future UMD Project Management Symposium.
Tanya Hicks
The 2022 Project Management Symposium provides PM best practices from industry leaders in government, academic , public and private industries. You will get a fresh perspective to stay ahead of a constantly evolving career path.
Pamela Davis-Ghavami
The choice of a virtual format provided a lot of flexible for attendees. So, if there were two sessions that I was interested in that were occurring at the same time, being able to watch it offline was invaluable.
Dr. Jeffrey D. Pullen, PMP
The knowledge and vision of the speakers is incredible and I always come away with new tools to use in my work.
Janet Wixom
The UMD PM symposium has diverse topics prepared by experienced practitioners who serve as panelists. It’s like getting a recipe, preparing and eating the meal, and asking the chef how to make it better next time.
Stephanie Brown
The UMD PM Symposium provides an opportunity to obtain insights from exceptional practitioners about project management areas one might not be exposed to on a regular basis. Yet another well run symposium.
Anthony McDonald, MBA, EdD, PMP; USGS Retired
The UMD Project Management Symposium is an incredible experience with the greatest minds in project management. I learn a lot about the most cutting-edge developments in agile and technology. The symposium offers a wide variety of tracks and a wide variety of speakers. As a participant I have a lot of choice to what I want to listen to at any particular time either through the live sessions or through the recordings. What made the 2022 symposium very special to me was that I was not only an attendee but I was a speaker as well and was a part of behind the scenes. I enjoyed going through preparation sessions, support and guidance from all the symposium organizers and coordinators. Many thanks to Kathleen and all the organizers for making such a successful symposium come into fruition. Also, special thank you to Dr. John Cable as he has been reviewing the slides and providing valuable feedback that has enriched my presentation and was very helpful. I am definitely interested and looking forward to attending the coming UMD PM symposiums.
Radwa Sadek
We should never forget the role and expertise academia has in our field. We need the ability to lean on those who study what we do in order to get the most robust view of the future of our work.
Crystal Oakman
Yay for the Federal track! It was very refreshing to hear the perspectives of others working in a Federal environment. I learned things I can immediately apply at my own agency, and look forward to engaging more on these important PM topics! Thank you!
Kristen Davis
You can learn so much on a variety of topics. It’s not sitting through irrelevant lectures just to get a PDU. This stuff is practical and even inspiring!
Karen Deaver