On Demand Sessions

These are the On-Demand Sessions, they will be available to watch to any registered participant starting on April 11, 2024. 

Virtual Agile Teams: High Performing Virtual Teams – Parente

In our project management training and through our experience, we learn methods and techniques for efficient and effective Agile project management. How do we use these when our team is not collocated?

Using Strategic Portfolio Management to Transform IT Governance – Murtha

This session delves into the development of our new processes, structures, and supporting tools. Get a firsthand look at various project management artifacts: intake forms, playbooks, PPM tools, dashboards, and crucial metrics.

The Process to Happy Customers – Drauschak

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving customer landscape by implementing the presented innovative concepts, ensuring your business not only adapts but thrives in delivering genuinely fulfilling customer experiences.

Risk: Muse and Metrics – Quigley

Besides selecting the project strategy to achieve the objectives, we must identify, analyze, plan, track, and control. This presentation will tease out some of these.

Preventive Risk Management | Building resilience in programs beyond being proactive using mechanisms – Uppala

Preventive risk management using mechanisms aims to solve this problem much ahead in the game making the program more resilient.

Power Kanban: Mastering project uncertainty through improved information awareness – Cuypers

Using Kanban applications like JIRA, we can log, disseminate, and visualize this information across multiple boards and SCRUM teams. Sharing boards enables communication to build a shared picture essential for coordination between project teams.

Improving the Enterprise Corporate Security Program for Lean Application and Data Governance – Fonseca-Lind and Figueroa-Medina

This session intends to explore the integration of DevSecOps to optimize the production and service chain, reinforce cybersecurity controls and introduce the data governance structure for secure application and data processing in mobile and cloud-environments.

Improving Code Quality, Velocity, and Team Cohesion with Pair Programming – Ramseur

You’ll learn practical tips for adapting pair programming to your team or organization, and gain an understanding of the power of pair programming as I share how my team is benefiting from applying this practice.

Gamification for Inclusive Teamwork and Leadership in Remote Settings – Fonseca-Lind and Figueroa-Medina

Gamification is an assistive tool used to foster inclusion, teamwork, collaboration and inspire learners and team members to engage with the team and complete tasks.

Executives are people too: What execs want from PMOs – Easton

In this talk, we’ll look at what the research shows us. We’ll look at the root cause of “too many projects” and discover that researchers have found a “right way” to eliminate the problem of having too many projects for ever.

Ethically Leading in an Unethical World – Green

Delve into the crucial interplay between profitability and ethical standards in today’s business landscape. Explore how ethical leadership shapes organizational culture, fostering environments conducive to collective growth.

Capabilities-Based Planning is the Foundation of Project Success – Alleman

This contribution will introduce the concept and the steps needed to identify the needed capabilities, the steps to be taken for successfully deploying CBP, and the units of measure defining success for the stakeholder.

Building High Performing Volunteer Teams: The Opportunities, Challenges, and Rewards – Katli and Özdemir

During this session, we’ll discuss the three C concept: Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate, leading to the ultimate revelation of the hidden power of the fourth C: Create!

Breaking the Cycle: Shifting from Tactical Firefighting to Achieving Strategic Results – Judge

This session introduces the breakthrough Strategic Results Framework. Through this lens, understand your challenges from three pivotal perspectives: Alignment, Talent, and Execution.

Agile is Everywhere – Zucker

Agile is not just for technology projects. In this presentation, Alan Zucker argues that Agile is everywhere. The values and principles are organic and align with natural ways of working. All organizations, from non-profits to high-tech, can benefit.