Discussion Panel: Certification for Federal Program/Project Managers – LaTanya Anderson, Laura Brown, Pricilla Bumbaca, Robert Faulk

4:20 pm -5:35 pm

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Charles Carroll #2203K


Join us for a lively discussion of the issues surrounding federal program and project management certification. The position of PMIAA is that certifications alone have not shown a positive impact in the improvement of federal programs. This panel will explore many of the questions revolving around certifications, including types of certifications, experience vs. certifications, and recruitment and retention of program/project managers.

What certifications should be required for federal program and project managers: FAC-P/PM? PMP? DAWIA? Other? How will existing certifications tie into the Program Management Accountability and Improvement Act (PMIAA) implementation? How to influence agencies to provide opportunities for certification? How best to account for differences between program and project management? Also, how do we balance the importance of certifications vs. experience? How to attract program and project managers from outside the federal government to enter federal careers? How do we provide a credential that is transportable between agencies? Should PM certifications be a requirement in federal hiring? What type of learning and development should be considered to expand the skills of PMs beyond certification training? How is the FAC-P/PM-IT certification utilized in federal agencies?

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Strategic and Business Management


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