We’re Going Virtual for our May 2020 Symposium

Our annual two-day Project Management Symposium is going VIRTUAL this year! Since there is no way you can come to campus for the Symposium this year, we are bringing all the sessions right to your home office!

We are certainly very disappointed that we can’t meet in-person, but we are definitely excited about the opportunity to offer a VIRTUAL event at a lower cost and potentially to a wider audience.  Plus, you will also have the ability to earn alot more PDUs than simply attending in person.

The VIRTUAL event features four (4) keynotes and fifty-five (55) individual sessions in five (5) concurrent tracks, all for only $125 per person.  Over the two days, you will be able to attend fifteen (15) live sessions at 45 minutes each to earn 11.25 PDUs.  Since all the live sessions will be recorded, you will then be able to view the other forty-four (44) sessions that you missed at your leisure, which would earn you another thirty-three (33) PDUs.  That’s a total of 44.25 PDUs that you could earn for only $125.

You must be wondering how it’s going to work.  Once registration closes on May 3rd, all registered participants will receive instructions on how to access a password-protected version of the VIRTUAL Symposium Schedule.  That schedule will include the WebEx links needed to participate in all sessions that will be presented.  UMD will record all live sessions and post the links to the recorded sessions on the password-protected schedule.  Then, all participants can review any sessions they missed during the live event when they have time.

You can register for the VIRTUAL event until Sunday, May 3rd.

Here are all the details in summary:

  • Reduced Registration Fee for VIRTUAL Symposium. The registration fee is only $125 per person which provides participants the ability to attend the live event plus the opportunity to review all the other sessions they missed since everything will be recorded and posted to a password-protected schedule on the event website.
  • Easy access. You can participate in the event right from your home office.  There is no need to travel anywhere.
  • Instant travel between sessions. All you will have to do is click on a WebEx link to participate in each session. All paid VIRTUAL attendees will receive access to a password-protected version of the Symposium Schedule that will include links to participate in every session via Zoom.
  • PDUs at an incredible price. The VIRTUAL Symposium will allow you to earn up to 44.25 PDUs if you attend both the live and recorded sessions. At the price of $125 per person, that’s only $2.83 per PDU!
  • Future access to sessions. All sessions will be recorded, therefore, following the live event, links for all the recorded sessions will be posted to the password-protected schedule for participates to review at their leisure.

We hope that you will share in our enthusiasm for a VIRTUAL Symposium and participate in the event with us.