Symposium Scholarship Fund

When you register for our event, you are asked if you would like to make a contribution to the Project Management Symposium’s Scholarship Fund. Many of you have contributed and we wanted you to know what we have done with your donations.

As donations are increased, we are planning to expand the types of scholarships and student support we provide.  You can make a donation when you register for the 2020 VIRTUAL event.

BeSTEM! Summer Camp Scholarships

Michael Addis, a 2015 UMD Master of Engineering (MEng) graduate, saw a need for summer camps that do more than provide kids with fun activities related to STEM topics. That’s why he and two colleagues launched the BeSTEM!! Summer Camp program, which offers full-immersion camps designed to create an authentic engineering experience.

Using your donations, the Project Management Center for Excellence paid to sponsor students who wanted to participate in the BeSTEM! Summer Camp program.  Below are students from the 2019 BeSTEM Summer Camp who received the scholarships.  We plan to purchase addition scholarships for the 2020 BeSTEM! Summer Camp Program.

“Through BeSTEM’s hands-on activities, I now understand the process engineers go through while creating or improving a product as well as why engineering is an important job”
– Lillie Weaver

“BeSTEM! taught me that engineering is not an easy task. There’s a lot of mathematics, measurements, and calculations that go into building the process of creating something. You also have to be patient and everybody has to work together for the same goal.”
– Joey Flores

“I came to know the several things that engineers need to keep in mind to build a successful robot. I also came to know that engineers also work in groups to solve problems. This is an eye-opener for me and I learned a lot from this robotic project created by my BeSTEM instructors.”
– Neelesh Saha