When Will It Be Done? How To Forecast Answers To Your Toughest Agile Questions – Davis

10:15 am -10:50 am

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Breakout Room 3



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Abstract: Agile development teams don’t work with detailed project schedules, but they do work within tight time and cost constraints. Project sponsors, product managers and product owners all need to know when an agile team will deliver new features so the organization can prioritize its project portfolio, know which new projects to pursue, and correctly charter agile projects for success. Customers simply want to know when they can expect new or enhanced capabilities!

How can an agile team align these stakeholder expectations? How can everyone make better business decisions today to optimize desirable outcomes tomorrow? The answer: develop the skill of agile forecasting.

In this presentation, you will unlock the built-in, statistical functions of Microsoft Excel® using a freely-licensed spreadsheet called Statistical PERT®—there are no Excel add-in programs to buy or install! If you have Excel, you have everything you need to create a forecast for your agile development efforts.

With just Excel, you will learn: which projects you can afford to fund (and which you can’t afford); how to create an agile release plan at the start of a project; how to use an agile team’s actual performance to improve your agile release forecasts; and how much work your agile team should initially plan to bring into each new sprint or iteration.

You’ll also learn what to share and how to share your agile forecasts with stakeholders.

By the end of the presentation, you will know how to confidently respond to anyone who asks you, “When will this be done?”

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