Josh Ramirez


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Presentation Title: Redesigning Project Management Around the Brain

Presentation Date and Time: Friday, May 8, 1:00 PM

PMI Talent Triangle:  Leadership

Presentation Description: We are moving our discipline into one built on evidence-based science and grounded around the very beings that predict and deliver projects: humans. Designing project management around the brain means redesigning project processes, interfaces (such as software), and metrics, toward better prediction and delivery of human endeavors – projects. The science will eventually be the foundation that can inform PMBoK, APM, Agile, and others.

And why wouldn’t we design projects around the brain? People run projects, people influence project success, and projects are created for people. Economics, finance, and supply chain management have already accounted for the human factor by embedding behavioral sciences in their technical disciplines. Now, it’s project management’s turn. Advanced organizations – such as the Department of Energy – are beginning to use these methods to improve project outcomes. It’s now in the hands of innovative companies, government, and universities to implement the next wave of our discipline – Project Science, designed around the brain.

Biography – Josh Ramirez:  Josh Ramirez is Founder and President of Institute for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management.   He is a PhD candidate building an organization ( that is working on redesigning project management with behavioral, social, cognitive, and neuroscience, toward an emerging field of Behavioral Project Management. In addition, he is currently researching application of science to project management to build a foundation of project science under existing practices. The future of project management is in redesigning around the beings that predict and deliver projects: humans. He is an adjunct professor of project management, with experience that includes business operations management, project management, and project controls, including work at several national laboratories and other projects throughout the U.S. Department of Energy complex, as well as private sector project work.