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The good bad and ugly of lean agile and DevOps transformations
We often encounter recurring anti patterns as organizations try to adopt agile lean and DevOps methods:

  • Focusing on resource utilization rather than on flow of value;
  • Teams argue about user stories, pointing systems and tickets;
  • Mangers measure and compare teams based on velocity;
  • No one is validating customer hypothesis for fast feedback.

In the turning point of the software digital age where organizations face a Cambrian extinction – the scientific application of flow, agile, lean, design thinking, lean start up, lean UX, OKRs and DevOps together with high performing teams is crucial to business survival.

Let’s Explore together the essentials of successful lean agile and DevOps change initiatives – we’ll find surprising truths about what makes and breaks agile changes in organizations.

  • Learn how to keep the approach simple – Digital transformation must be simple – Team agility without organizational cadence, flow and continuous focus on DevOps and technical excellence is a wasted effort;
  • Identify the scaling patterns for your organization – Scaling agility can be SAFe but often isn’t because we’re not solving for the right business problem – scaling is about emergence of failures;
  • Explain #Soakability for leading change – A Culture of change lead outside-in, fails to deliver results; Success hinges on soak-ability, daily improvement that’s truly continuous

Allow me to share Anchors of Simplicity, Mainstays of Scalability, Tell-tale Signs of Soakability, a journey across continents, numerous clients and many industries on a quest for business agility.

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Why do lean agile transformations fail more often than succeed? In the turning point of the software digital age where organizations face a Cambrian extinction our approach to change is so 20th century

Agile thought leaders, teams, product owners and anyone involved in a change initiative

In the turning point of the software digital age where organizations face a Cambrian extinction – we must make our lean agile transformations Simple Scalable and Soakable

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A.L.M.A. The essence of your company – a Framework to Agility – Martins

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Are you using an established Agile framework in your company, but you feel things got stuck and you cannot improve your teams? Sprint by sprint you think things got mechanic, and no real WOW? — You need to ask the right questions to ask to diagnose where your company is in terms of Agility. In a framework based on key Agile values, I show you how to use Accountability, Learning, Motivation and Autonomy to unlock the power of your teams! I present you to A.L.M.A., the essence of your company! By the use of breakout rooms and live group exercises, you learn how to assess Agility within your teams using the framework, and leave with action items on the right areas to focus. Are you ready to take the next step into your Agile journey?

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