2021 Symposium Speakers Featured in PM Point of View Podcasts

Many of our 2021 Project Management Symposium speakers will be featured in PM Point of View podcasts, an audio podcast that looks at project management from all the angles.

The first podcast, PM Point Of View Podcast #88: Avoiding Failure from the 2021 UMD Symposium, was released in July 2021 and focuses on project success vs. failure. Host Kendall Lott, president and CEO of M Powered Strategies, delves into this topic with two presentations from the 2021 Symposium: “Managing in a Time of Crisis” by Nikola Ivanov and “Why Good Execution is Not Enough” by Justin Jacobsen and Chris McLuckie.

The statistics around project success vs. failure are less than heartening, to say the least. For all the tools and expertise project managers bring to the table, somehow we manage to miss the mark more often than we should. This podcast highlights some of the important pieces from these two presentations plus features plus interviews with the presenters who offer actionable insights into how you can manage crisis and avoid failure, no matter what field you are working in.   The two presentations look at the topics from different perspectives, one from a science/engineering angle and the other from construction.

More presentations from the 2021 Symposium will be highlighted later this year.  Information about the podcasts will be posted here so be sure to check back.

Symposium Papers Republished in PM World Journal










Anyone who develops a paper for our annual two-day Project Management Symposium could get published in two different ways.  First, all papers developed are published under ISSN 2374-9377.  Papers developed from every symposium held to date are posted on the symposium website under Previous Symposiums.  Second, our media sponsor, the PM World Journal, selects between 6-12 papers for republication in their online journal.

Session speaker, Johnny Morgan, has had several papers published.  He commented that, “All three of my papers were picked up by the PM World Journal and republished in their online web publication so exposure has the possibility of going further than just the UMD Symposium and its associated website.”

Eight papers from the 2021 Symposium, were republished in the PM World Journal.  You can read the papers online at the links below.

Volume X, Issue V, May 2021

Performance Measure Reality Check
By Susan Hostetter, PMP and John Walsh, PMP (USA)

Volume X, Issue VI, June 2021

Building an Award-Winning, Metrics Based Program Management Office
By Nana P. Kwame (USA)

The Knowledge Cafe: Caffeinated Culture, Learning Agility in a Project Economy
By Benjamin C. Anyacho (USA)

The Evolution from Project to Business Manager
By Joseph A. Lukas (USA)

Volume X, Issue VII, July 2021

Testing Validity of Agile framework on Construction Project Management in the Middle East
By Jailane Atef Amer (Egypt/USA)

Why Good Execution is Not Enough
By Justin D. Jacobsen & Chris D. McLuckie (USA)

Volume X, Issue VIII, August 2021

Sustainable Development and Stakeholder Engagement: Lessons Learned from Infrastructure Megaprojects in Europe
By Ermal Hetemi, PhD (Sweden) and William A. Moyan, PhD

Retaining Agility When You Work in a Waterfall
By Jim A. Suits, MA, PMP (USA)


Eight papers from the 2020 Symposium, were republished in the PM World Journal.  You can read the papers online at the links below.

Volume IX, Issue VI, June 2020

Operationalizing resilience for Srinagar Smart City
By Omar Bashir (India)

Volume IX, Issue VII, July 2020

Challenges in construction project management as faced by millennials in developing countries
By Jailane Atef Amer (Egypt)

From Risk, to Issue, to Crisis: Is Your Program Prepared?
By Deidre C. Hicks (USA)

Volume IX, Issue VIII, August 2020

Best Practices for Managing & Engaging Project Stakeholders
By Prof Aurangzeb Z. Khan, PhD (Pakistan); Prof Miroslaw Skibniewski, PhD (USA); Prof John H. Cable (USA)

 Changing the World One Person at a Time
By Dr. Mark Reeson (UK)

Volume IX, Issue IX, September 2020

 When Will It Be Done? How to Forecast Answers to Your Toughest Agile Questions
By William Davis (USA)

The Use of Knowledge in Projects: A Discourse on Planning
By Deepak Shrikant (USA)

 Volume IX, Issue X, October 2020

BIM Implementation Practices of Construction Organizations in the UK AEC Industry
By Adedotun Ojo and Christopher Pye (UK)