PMI Agile Hybrid Project Pro Micro Certification – O’Connor

9:15 am -9:50 am

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Breakout Room 3


Over the past decade, we have seen many examples of products that have failed and, in some cases, forced their organizations into bankruptcy. Think about Kodak, Sears, Blockbuster and Blackberry, just to name a few. Why is this happening? What is causing products to fail at such an alarming rate? And, more importantly, how does this impact project managers and product managers?
New technologies, largely internet based, are enabling development of new products, new business models and globalization.
We hear about the need to transform organizations, increase business agility and build resilience in order to address challenges.

In such dynamic and demanding environments, organizations must have project managers and product managers who work well together. Recognizing this, PMI and PDMA have partnered to find ways to improve how these changemakers can collaborate successfully. Our objective is
to identify and recommend possible solutions that PMI and PDMA can offer to their members and practitioners, allowing project managers and product managers to work together and align.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management (Ways of Working)


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