The Path to Leadership for Women in Construction – Alkhalouf and Alkhalouf

Statistics show that only 8.1% of the fortune 500 CEOs are women, which is equivalent to 41 women CEOs out of the 500 total CEOs. With construction being a male dominated field, women face many challenges, stereotypes, and misconceptions that can come in the way of them reaching executive roles in their industry. Consequently, young women witnessing their fellow women challenges need guidance on how to lead and how to crush stereotypes. In this presentation, two UMD women engineers will offer their insight on their experience in the male-dominated construction industry as well as provide key points on how to lead at a young age while being women. The speakers will also point out the unconscious biases they encounter or witness on the tough job sites. Additionally, they will discuss what their male counterparts in the construction industry can do to help empower women. The presenters will also discuss the soft skills required for young men and women to climb up the ladder and advance in their careers.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)

Project and change management with gender perspective – Martin

The objective of this presentation is to provide theoretical and practical concepts necessary to incorporate the gender perspective in project management, whether they are internal to the organizations or have an impact on other beneficiaries.

On the one hand, tools will be provided to incorporate a gender perspective into the Project Management Book of Knowledge processes. This will allow attendees to develop and strengthen knowledge, skills and attitudes to plan, execute and monitor projects taking into account that women, men and members of the LGTB experience different needs, inequalities and barriers considering the gender perspective. Considering the gender perspective in projects will prevent projects from being gender neutral and deepening inequalities.

On the other hand, change management tools will be presented to avoid resistance and add support to these initiatives, including the case of the implementation of equity plans within organizations.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management (Ways of Working)