Developing a Project High Performing Team, the path from self-awareness to high-performance – Kirkov

The session will walk the listener through the journey of developing a team from the starting point of it being a group of individuals to its development into a high-performing team with a common objective and higher purpose. Key steps in the process are:

  • Defining the DNA of the High Performing Team
  • Developing self and team awareness from the start
  • Diversity, personality, strengths and team roles mapping
  • Alignment on objectives and the team charter
  • Assignment of Team Roles to execute the project

PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills

Swimming Upstream: Delivering project success in non-project-centric environments – Nehr Hutchison

Organizational change management and project management are key skillsets leveraged in the management consulting space. Many consultants have achieved certifications and have the requisite ‘book knowledge’ to manage projects and facilitate organizational change, but a large number of efforts fall short and fail to achieve objectives. A major reason for this is the gap between theory and practice. Knowing that a project plan is an industry best practice and delivering one that works in a non-project-centric environment are two different things. Recognizing that training and communication are critical activities for large scale change and overcoming cultural barriers takes art and flexibility. Long-term sustainability of project results is possible, but difficult to achieve, particularly on a larger scale.

This presentation will review critical change management and project management methodology staples and present lessons learned from working with major clients that do not embrace these skills as part of their culture. Participants will also take away routines and practices they can employ to tailor industry best practices to unique projects and situations.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management (Ways of Working)